Dr. Ventress is a character in the novel Annihilation, earning her name in the film adaptation. She is a scientist who has studied a weird electromagnetic field that an alien named the Shimmer created upon making his way to the Earth.

History[edit | edit source]

Dr. Ventress makes her first appearance after Kane gets sick after his expedition into the Shimmer's field. She has been studying the Shimmer's field and wanted to head in to investigate how it got there, and Lena, the protagonist, joins her when they finally get the chance.

On their way, the team encounters trouble after trouble. First, Josie is attacked by an alligator, then Cassie gets dragged away and mutilated by a bear as she tries to fend him off, but the gang eventually reaches a town that appears infested with plants that appear human-like in their form. Josie guesses in her research of the area that the Shimmer can refract DNA in his area.

That night, that same bear who mutilated Cassie makes his return, and Anya turns on her team because she thought Cassie's death was their fault. She then fights the bear after a fast reformation, but the bear kills her. The team is, fortunately, able to destroy him.

Later, Ventress goes on ahead, while her teammates stay behind for a bit. Josie allows her body to refract into flowers as she can no longer continue, and Lena is now on her own. Lena, despite her solitude, makes her way to the lighthouse, where she discovers, much to her dismay, a recording of Kane losing his sense of identity and self-destructing with a grenade. Lena crawls inside the Shimmer's lair, where Ventress is, having had her eyes removed. She reveals the Shimmer's plot to assimilate all life on Earth, before the mysterious entity disintegrates and kills her, revealing his true form as she dies.

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